Pro Turmeric FAQ's

What is Turmeric?

It is known as a superfood that not only strengthens the body but also aids in treating many conditions. Turmeric, also known as 'Curcuma Long' or the 'golden spice', is one of the most well known and most extensively researched Ayurvedic spices in the world. Many have used it as a dietary supplement, in teas, in their cooking and even as a topical solution!

Why ProNutriWorld Pro Turmeric Shots?

Due to its popularity throughout Asia, the west has started to extensively research this ingredient to see how it benefits the body. What was found is that the active ingredient curcumin is responsible for many benefits but has very low bioavailability. Research shows that black pepper greatly increases the absorption of curcumin into the body. This is why we have created an ultimate combination of turmeric, black pepper and vitamin D3 to provide max absorption to provide you with all of the benefits of turmeric. Not only are our 700mg turmeric shots good for overall well being, but they also taste great! With a natural tropical flavour, getting your daily dose of turmeric doesn’t have to be a chore, but instead, a delicious treat.

Who is Pro Turmeric for?

Our Turmeric beauty shots have been created for all to enjoy! Whether you want a daily boost for your defences, want to care for your joints and bones or are looking to give yourself some mental clarity, our 10ml shots have got your back! After its long run of popularity in the east, we want to bring turmeric to the masses in a tasty and easy-to-take form that is familiar to us all.