Collagen FAQs

What is Pro Collagen?

PRO COLLAGEN is high strength collagen supplement containing 20 beauty shots a box of Type 1marine collagen Copalis in every shot, with added Hyaluronic acid, B6 and vitamin C.

A unique formulation of bioactive collagen peptides with higher absorption than powder, pills or capsules to increase skin elasticity, minimize the depth of wrinkles, reduce the appearance of cellulite, crow's feet and eyebags.

What is hydrolysed collagen?

It’s a form of collagen which is obtained when collagen fibres are broken down into small collagen chains also known as "collagen peptides". This process is known as "hydrolysis".

How to use Pro Collagen?

For Pro Collagen to be effective, it needs to become part of your skincare routine. For best results we highly recommend you drink 1 x 10ml shot at least 5 times a week before bed time. Your body repairs and regenerates while you sleep. One of the absolute BEST times to take collagen.

Can I take Pro Collagen with other supplements & medications?

There are no reported problems with Pro Collagen when used with other supplements & medications, but if you have any concerns, it is always best to consult your doctor before taking a new supplement.

How many calories are in Pro Collagen?

There are roughly 24 Kcal per 10ml serving of Pro Collagen.

Is Pro Collagen suitable for vegans?

Pro Collagen contains fish protein, so it is NOT suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Can I take Pro Collagen if I'm allergic to fish?

Pro Collagen is sourced from fish and is not recommended for those with allergies to fish.

How long does it take to see results?

Clinical studies of our key ingredient record results after three weeks, with the majority of volunteers involved in human clinical studies reporting visible results within the 12 week study period. One of the first things you may notice is an improvement in skin hydration and radiance. Your nails may also feel stronger and healthier.

Pro Hair FAQs

What is PRO HAIR?

PRO HAIR is a potent, natural liquid supplement containing an innovative blend of vital nutrients designed to nourish hair from within. If used regularly for at least 4 weeks, it can support follicle strength and allow hair to grow thicker and longer.

How to use Pro Hair?

For Pro Hair to be effective, it needs to become part of your daily routine. For best results we highly recommend you drink 1 x 10ml shot daily, take it after your main meal, if possible, during breakfast.

What does Pro Hair do?

It tackles thin, fine hair with the power of our unique hair complex formula, increasing strength, volume, gloss and shine. It also reduces breakage and hair shedding.

Will Pro Hair cause hair growth in other areas on the body?

The hair on your body does not grow in the same manner as the hair on your head. Hair follicles on the body get a molecular signal to only grow to a certain point. This differs from hair on the head, which continuously grows. PRO HAIR formula was developed to only stimulate hair growth in existing follicles. PRO HAIR is not formulated to stimulate the follicles in otherwise hairless areas.

Pro Detox FAQs

What is Pro Detox?

Pro Detox is vegan liquid super food, that supports the body's natural cleansing process, without harming your natural flora, detox drink for liver cleanse, weight loss, better digestion, and gut health.

What does Pro Detox do?

It supports better digestive function, including healthy bowel, liver, and kidney, but the benefits go further than that. By aiding digestion and clearing waste, our 20-day cleanse helps support healthy energy levels and even weight loss.

What are the benefits from taking Pro Detox?

✔ Supports Digestive Health
✔ Supports Weight Loss
✔ Supports Energy Levels
✔ Easy to Take and Effective
✔ Advanced Cleansing Formula

Pro Turmeric FAQs

What is Turmeric?

It is known as a superfood that not only strengthens the body but also aids in treating many conditions. Turmeric, also known as 'Curcuma Long' or the 'golden spice', is one of the most well known and most extensively researched Ayurvedic spices in the world. Many have used it as a dietary supplement, in teas, in their cooking and even as a topical solution!

Why ProNutriWorld Pro Turmeric Shots?

Due to its popularity throughout Asia, the west has started to extensively research this ingredient to see how it benefits the body. What was found is that the active ingredient curcumin is responsible for many benefits but has very low bioavailability. Research shows that black pepper greatly increases the absorption of curcumin into the body. This is why we have created an ultimate combination of turmeric, black pepper and vitamin D3 to provide max absorption to provide you with all of the benefits of turmeric. Not only are our 700mg turmeric shots good for overall well being, but they also taste great! With a natural tropical flavour, getting your daily dose of turmeric doesn’t have to be a chore, but instead, a delicious treat.

Who is Pro Turmeric for?

Our Turmeric beauty shots have been created for all to enjoy! Whether you want a daily boost for your defences, want to care for your joints and bones or are looking to give yourself some mental clarity, our 10ml shots have got your back! After its long run of popularity in the east, we want to bring turmeric to the masses in a tasty and easy-to-take form that is familiar to us all.

Pro Energy FAQs

What is Pro Energy?

Pro Energy contains 970mg ginseng, made from the root and the offshoots called root hairs. Ginseng is believed to help improve concentration, productivity and supports energy and vitality.

Is there excessive caffeine in Pro Energy?

Our supplement is specially formulated with Guarana, where you can enjoy caffeine in a potent, natural form, without unnecessary, additives, Taurine and Spirulina Complex. All three of these ingredients give you clean and lasting energy so no crashes or jitters. And they help you have that laser focus and mental clarity you need for work or play.

What is in Pro Energy?

Liquid natural energy drink containing 20 ready mixed shots of Royal Jelly, Ginseng, Bee Pollen, Taurine and Vitamin C, that comes in a tasty red grape flavour.

What is Pro Energy for?

It is liquid tonic, easily taken and quickly boost energy. Ginseng is well-known natural tonic for energy boost, Royal Jelly is Yin tonic, helps body calm and relax, sleeping well. They are both together helps energy deficiency caused Stamina & Memory, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and boost immunity. Last but not least increase libido.

How much sugar is in Pro Energy?

Pro Energy shots are a smart choice when it comes to managing your sugar intake. Unlike many other energy products, Pro Energy shots contain no added sugar. The delightful sweetness in our shots comes from the natural goodness of concentrated red grape juice and a plant-based sweetener called stevia. Enjoy the energizing benefits of Pro Energy without worrying about unnecessary sugar. It's the perfect way to stay refreshed, focused, and guilt-free!

Are energy drinks and energy shots the same?

Energy drinks and Pro Energy shots serve the purpose of providing an energy boost, but they have some differences. Energy drinks come in larger cans, containing a mix of stimulants and often sugar. Pro Energy shots are smaller, delivering a concentrated dose of energy-boosting ingredients without added sugar. It's important to read labels, understand ingredients, and consume in moderation based on personal preferences and health considerations.

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